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As a successful investor, you know that sometimes you must take a loss. But what happens when a company you hold shares in goes bankrupt? Are you able to take a loss from your basis of shares?

corporation, dividends, tax advantage, withdrawal

Want to withdraw cash from your closely held C corporation with minimal tax cost?  The simplest way to distribute cash is as a dividend. However, dividends are taxable to you and not deductible by the corporation.  Here are several alternatives that allow you to withdraw cash from a corporation while avoiding the dividend treatment.

ACA, Affordable Care Act, IRS, tax penalties

Changes brought by the Affordable Care Act (ACA) continue to roll in. For affected employers, these changes could mean higher expenses and will add filing responsibilities with the IRS.

Independent Contractor, Self Employment

As a freelancer, independent contractor, or consultant, you have a variety of tax issues to consider. However, before you begin in calling yourself an independent contractor it is important to determine your true working status.

Investment, Rental Properties

It’s a classic question for families looking for a home: should we rent or own? Though real estate has had its ups and downs in the last several years, recent research from the Urban Institute indicates that new renters will quickly outpace new owners over the next several years.

IRA, SEP IRA, sole proprietor

If you are a sole proprietor and are looking for potential tax breaks on your 2014 tax return (due October 15th if on extension), you may want to consider establishing and contributing to a Simplified Employee Pension plan (SEP).