Tax Planning

tax planningThorough tax planning is critical for any business. It is even more important in the face of events like a unique increase in income, a significant life change, a major purchase, or impending retirement.

Your business benefits most from a strong, personal relationship with an accounting firm that anticipates your needs. This is where PDM excels. Based on our three decades of experience, we map out a tax planning, strategy that takes full advantage of the most current tax laws. Using the latest financial planning and accounting software, we serve our clients by :

  • Analyzing the tax benefits of investment opportunities of all kinds, including capital ventures
  • Actively planning for any change in a corporation’s accounting methods
  • Anticipating the tax consequences of proposed transactions by obtaining advance rulings from the IRS
  • Designing executive tax compensation plans
  • Analyzing in-depth the tax consequences of buying, transitioning to family members or selling a business
  • Designing compensation, fringe benefit and retirement plans for a company