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Tax Break, summer workers

If you are thinking of hiring young summer workers, there has never been a better time for it. The demand for summer jobs consistently outpaces the supply of open positions — and it's been getting worse over time.

Here's information about the government's new Summer Opportunity Project, a possible federal tax break for hiring summer youth workers and important rules to follow when you bring young adults into the workplace.  

Taxes, Deadline

It’s that time of year to file taxes again – but due to certain circumstances, you have a couple of extra days to file than in other years. 



accounting rules, balance sheets, Lease

Many companies choose to lease certain assets, rather than buy them outright. Leasing arrangements are especially common among companies that rely on expensive equipment or real estate in their day-to-day operations, including construction contractors, manufacturers, retailers, health care providers, airlines and trucking companies.

PAL, passive income, rental property, Tax Deduction

Many of our clients have rental properties they own on the side in addition to their regular businesses. Come tax time, some of them want to know: “Can I deduct losses from my rental property against my ordinary income?”

identity theft, identity thieves, tax return, tax software

It’s tax season, and it is a time when many CPAs and businesses share documents electronically. Though technology has made it easier than ever before to transmit information, it also has given rise to sophisticated criminals that steal data for the purposes of identity theft.

California, insurance, LLC

An LLC is an attractive option for many business owners looking for a simple structure for their company and a way to protect the members from personal liability. But it’s important to know that an LLC doesn’t shield you from ALL liability, and that there are other options that can offer similar protection.